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‘L’Escargot Anglais: The Englishman Who Wanted to Clean France’ is for you; whether you love France, its cheeses, fresh baguettes, wine, brandy and climate or whether you can’t stand France and its frogs’ legs, undercooked raw steaks, idiotic opening hours and non existent customer service, or the French in general with their, ‘we are ‘ze best and we drive on ‘ze right’ attitude.


It’s my first book and I hope you find it entertaining, enriching and thought provoking. Maybe you’ll identify with it in parts and occasionally laugh out loud in others. According to my mum, I never wrote this much throughout my entire education. I’m really proud of myself and think it’s totally mint that you’re about to read my story. Before going any further though, here’s a Youtube teaser of the trip 1 in French with English subtitles.



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